Be sure to visit Paula’s cases the next time you’re at Acushnet River Antiques in New Bedford, Massachusetts where Paula sells her unique treasures!

“Don’t let the size of Paula’s showcase fool you. She packs her small collection full of unusual, cool vintage items as well as traditional antiques and paintings. She brings in items ranging from jewelry and glassware to larger furniture pieces. Searching for treasures is clearly in her blood. You can see that she loves what she does. The variety and turnover makes her shop a delight to visit! I stop at Cat’s Meow every week I’m in town.” 

~ Anne B., Cat’s Meow Antiques Friend

Cat’s Meow Antiques at Acushnet River Antiques | 50 Kilburn Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts

Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm | Sun 11:00am-4:00pm

“Nearby residents have been following Paula Deane and her knack for finding antiques and vintage pieces for years. She clearly loves the thrill of the hunt and loves passing along her treasures for others to enjoy.”

~ Margaret F., Cat’s Meow Antiques Friend

Paula Deane, owner of Cat’s Meow Antiques at Acushnet River Antiques in New Bedford, knows antiques. She has been in the business for decades, ever since her aunt passed on her love of found things. “She taught me that something old and classic has a story to tell. Someone has used it and it lives on. Antiques are survivors,” reports Paula.

She went on to tell us, “People love beauty. That’s what I look for in the pieces I buy, so that people can add a bit of beauty to their lives. It can just be something small — a curved moulding or a touch of color. Something unique that makes them smile.”

Paula has been in the business for so long that people know to call her if they have items in an estate to sell or are clearing out their houses. These are items that have never been to market since their original purchase. They are unique finds.

Paula says, “I especially like antique jewelry. It can be fun, costume jewelry. Something that once sparkled and still has life.”

“It’s so important to love what you do. This is the best job for me.” And that’s what makes Cat’s Meow Antiques the best place for residents of and visitors to New Bedford who are looking for special, one-of-a-kind treasures.

If you love discovering a small shop with ever-changing collections, collectible vintage items, and antiques, come visit Cat’s Meow Antiques at Acushnet River Antiques in New Bedford.

Whether you live nearby or are passing through New Bedford, make Cat’s Meow Antiques a stopping place. You’ll find a  bit of charm, a lot of vintage, a dash of kitsch, and antiques that are first on the market. Enjoy your New England travels with vintage discoveries from Cat’s Meow Antiques.

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cat's me·ow

Definition: 1920s American slang — an excellent or highly sought-after thing; stylish or impressive.

Synonyms: Beauty, bee’s knees, best, catch, cat’s pajamas, cool, crackerjack, dream, jewel, nifty, peach, plum, treasure.

Step into the vintage world of Paula Deanne. From her years of running the church’s beloved Jarves Street thrift and consignment store in Sandwich, Massachusetts to her bountiful and longstanding presence at Acushnet River Antiques in New Bedford, she has quite a following.

These customers and friends are delighted that she has kept Cat’s Meow Antiques open for years, and you will be, too. Her collection  holds treasures large and small that get replenished daily. Paula’s love of estate sales, flea markets, and auctions brings her finds right to you.

With pieces from Cat’s Meow Antiques, you can give inspiration to your home, create a look you’ll love, add treasures to your shelves, or find one-of-a-kind gifts.